Equipment for Hire

Access Equipment

Vehicles for accessing high reaches including Knuckle Boom, Boom Lift and Scissor Lift

Dump Trucks

Available truck load sizes 30 Tonne and 40 Tonne

Elevated Work Platforms

Mobile work platforms (EWPs) available in heights 11M, 13M, 16M, 18GB, 24GB, 30M, 34M, 45M, 52M and 55M


Available excavators sizes 13 Tonne, 21 Tonne, 3 Tonne, 32 Tonne, 45 Tonne, 5 Tonne, 7 Tonne and 8 Tonne


Vehicles for grading surfaces including 10 Foot, 12 Foot and 14 Foot


Available in sizes Wheel Loaders and Bobcats